Love and joy are intermingled

Love and joy are intermingled

Be more in joy and take yourself less seriously is the essence

Joy is equal to love. If we know one thing from our earliest childhood, it is to play! At the end of the road it is such a pity when you have to say: “I loved to had more fun’. When was the last time you painted the sky magenta or outrageous purple? When did you look into the sky and saw all kinds of animals and more in the clouds. Play …. When was the last time you simply relaxed, sat together and was hilarious about an experience. Not a tragedy of course, but something really funny and goofy. Just look at the kids. When were you just a kid again? Playing with a hula-hoop or whatever and just be joyful? When one started giggling and laughing and you just took part? You as a parent or a leader, your responsibility is at the same time a grand adventure and children like to go on adventure! Put a  blanket on your head and travel somewhere… just create your adventure as children do. Don’t try, do! Yes it is not always easy but could easily be easier. Life is not about getting rid of the debris, life is meant to play and dream big! Is there a room in your heart or mind to start playing?

Laughter is absolutely necessary! There is the knowing and perfecting of your personal plan and duties and the knowing of playing, being together and make joy. Every day take some time to ignite your joy: maybe through music, painting, fantasizing about elementals or fairies, dolphins or clouds. Signs you unexpectedly see are mostly your creation, you who love to play. We are in the last bits of the old days… This moment is important that you realize what is happening. You may call it a political drama, but actually it is a political comedy that you take too seriously. Systems collapse and people suffer and are in pain. See this in the perspective that it is the end of dark days. Don’t prolong these days by being too serious. Don’t let it drag you down for exactly this is the way you prolong it. Again, do every day something that is outrageous joyful. It can be quiet or very loud. This is as important as being together as a family, as doing your job at your best, as being a real good parent, as drinking a glass of wine and relaxing.

When you see someone very sick, go and cheer up, don’t tell all the bad stuff of life. Just make them smile by telling something of your latest adventures. Think of all the people who live in their dark night or people who have completely forgotten about happiness. Sure you give them compassion and next they really need to break out of their pain! Help them see and feel the light at the end of their tunnel. Maybe they are not ready to laugh, but they can smile and uplift themselves. Give joy by playing with them in a subtle way so they can break through. This changes their entire outlook as well as their chemistry. Just change the energy of the drama into a subtle way using your capacity of imagination and playing. It will become real because of the joyful effect and the ugly part of the drama is history.

Part of your life-mission and purpose is to play with whatever comes to you! For instance simply enjoy with what you are doing and make jokes around it. Start imagining, have fun and find out how your world is getting bigger and bigger and better and better. Look in the mirror and see who and how you are when you are delighted. Live life as a big party from today on and so enlighten your world and the world. Can this be your project? For yourself, for the ones you love, for your colleges and those you don’t know?

One day not laughed is one day not lived!

Long live life

New findings suggest, rather than trying to boost happiness for the moment, a more effective route is to maximize your odds by making a concerted effort to plan your time around activities you think you may enjoy. Naturally you start living from being at ease, even during work! Happiness brings body, actions and being in line with eachother. Now your highest potential has the space to live. You don’t need to make choices anymore for you are where you need to be  and respond naturally to what is on the agenda. It is as easy as that!

Look at this video, I had to laugh terribly (but you have to understand Spanish …)


Focus on the powerful, euphoric, magical, beautiful parts of life and the universe will go on giving you these synchronicity is worthwhile.

From Walking with the gods:
When you have the courage to see something as miraculous, you raise the possibility of a miracle. When you experience a miracle as normal, it is very well possible you encounter more such experiences…
What people call synchronicity or a miracle may well be closely related. A causal improbability of the twentieth century can be called synchronicity in the twenty-first century and later on be understood from causality.
In legends from a far past described in fairy tales and in science fiction stories filmed as magical events (“Scotty beam me up”), we enjoy miracles. Nevertheless  these ancient wisdom and fairy tales live in all of us as a possibility and gain inspiring significance and new meaning when you can see it as such. Like the magical figure Merlin does in the Arthurian legend, also you are able to bring to life a mysterious world full of adventure and enchantment. But,  it first has to be a real possibility for you. Am I going too far ahead?
Within western psychology there is a lot of interest for the view that does not see the human being as a thing, but as a self-explanatory creature and even as an ascent of God. Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), the founder of analytical psychology, was the father of this view and he he named it: ‘synchronicity’, meaningful coincidence. A centuryago, Jung said about synchronicity: “Meaningful coincidences can be thought of as pure chance happenings. But as their numbers increase and the similarity becomes bigger and  is more accurate, it becomes ever less probable and more unthinkable that it is just chance. Meaning: they can no longer be seen as pure chance, but have to be seen, because of lack of causal explanations, as orderings according to a certain plan. Their ‘lack of explicability’ does not only exist in the fact that the cause is unknown, but also in the fact that such a cause is unthinkable with our mental capacities.”
Thus I woke up this week very early in the morning with a plan of cooperation in a specific area with a specific person. I shared this in the afternoon with the wife of this person with whom I ‘happened’ to have an appointment. She told me that her husband had woken up very early in the morning with exactly the same thoughts! When something shows itself that is bigger than my realization and person, it is always worthwhile and I treat it very seriously. I mailed the man involved and we agreed on exploring this. Do you recognize in your life what Jung called synchronicity? If you desire a full and extraordinary life, you have got to open up more for synchronicity!

Walking with the gods

A moving travelogue written by Anasuya Koopmans, in which poems touch feelings and watercolors bring beauty.
The official book presentation will take place on September 24th. From that date on the book will be available as an e-book in English as well. Interested? Mail me via the website when you like to purchase Walking with the gods.


Which smile touches you more? Gives you a positive feeling? Relaxes you? Why?
A heartfelt smile is an instant ‘feel good’ because it opens your heart. Such a smile will give you the choice to get involved and/or to observe and therefor always remain relaxed and positive! For many the Mona Lisa is so attractive because of her loving smile.
A social smile, just mouth corners up, is bogus for the heart and many experience this right away. In a real smile your eyes are involved. This affects the brainstem (the oldest part of your brain), and opens your heart immediately! Do you know that children smile 400 times a day, happy people around 40-50 times and most adults no more than 20 times a day? And now the best of this story: you can learn this smiling!
Think of something or someone who has made you happy and put your smile ‘up’. Feel and look into the mirror to your mouth and especially your eyes! Do this a lot of times and find out how much happier you will become!


May your smile bless you and your relations !

Brain training Build On

Hylke Kerssemakers:

“…..A year later I continued my journey with a 4-day Build On training. I have taken charge of the strength and quality of entrepreneurship. With success: I am aware of my specific qualities, of what I want and how to achieve this. It has led to immediate results, both in my professional as in my and private life. With pleasure I’m available as a referent!”

Hylke now accompanies professional teams on the way from employee to collaborator to cooperator.

Walking with the gods

‘By camel through the Thar desert’ is one of the beautiful watercolors Niek Nagengast adorned to my book. It is with the editor right now and for sale at the end of June. In gratitude to the ‘pre-readers’ and my writing coach I like to share their experiences as they expressed:

Paul de Blot SJ, Professor of Nyenrode Business University, wrote this preface:
In the biblical story Moses asks Yahweh who he is and Yahweh replies: I am who I am. Nothing more. Many biblical stories refer to this event.
The creation story tells that Yahweh created man after his likeness, which is to be who He is. The vocation of man is to become who that one is as a human. Anasuya describes in her novel her life as a representation of her quest to be who she is. Her starting point is the recognition that she is who she is. An exciting adventure ending in a guidance to the reader to manifest who he/she is in the core.

Bart Kok, my pilot during the writing, author and trainer, wrote a summary:
This book is most inspiring. It tells the tales of the journey of a woman named Anasuya who travelled from the Pyramids of Egypt to the tops of the Himalayan mountains in search of purity and truth. She was accompanied on her journey by Sun Bear, an American Indian holy man who talked to the thunder, by Shiva who was her guide on her perilous journey to the huge glaciers of the Himalyas, by Mama Candomblé in Brazil and many other wise people and spiritual leaders of mankind. She gets in touch with all the big religions of this world, meditates in Buddhist monasteries, experiences the violence and holiness of Jerusalem, she travels to the rainforests of South-America  to experience the effects of mind-opening drugs like ayahuasca, she becomes a master in the holy rituals of Tantra and receives her name through an ancient Indian initiation. And she is just a western woman who writes about her experiences living through a nasty divorce and how she managed to stop the incestuous drama that took place in her childhood.
The beauty of the book lies in the fact that she dared to go where angels fear to tread. And now you can experience her journey through her eyes without having to face the dangers yourself. It is a book about personal spiritual development that will move you to wake up and get started with your own journey through life. Anasuya has done the guru shopping for you in the knowledge that there is only one guru in your life and that is the one living inside of you.
The world is full of people trying to find answers outside themselves, people desperately looking for someone to follow. Anasuya is an exception to the rule. She continues to go her own way while meeting, discovering and learning. When you read her book, you will be inspired to go yours.

Margot Anand Naslednikov, teacher, public speaker and author of  world bestsellers like The art of sexual ecstasy, wrote a recommendation:
Anasuya is a courageous woman of adventure who went where others fear to tread.
She met gods and demons face to face and has become all the more wise. This book is a treasure that will show that courage opens the door to infinite possibilities. It is a book that will  inspire you to walk with the gods and the goddesses. I recommend it.

Living sisterhood

Worldwide women feel more and more the desire to support each other rather than compete and fight. A circle of women supporting and inspiring each other in becoming sisters. Living sisterhood is a precondition for shaping the inner goddess, for disclosing to the power and possibilities of a heart connected womb.

  • Most important: Gather a circle of women around you in which you are able to support and inspire each other. Cherish your moments of oneness
  • Slow down, let go of beliefs and become empty-minded. Observe from all your senses to receive the messages of the NOW. Smile, decide what is good and what is not good for you and act upon this. Make your heart sing!
  • Each day plan a moment, if possible in nature, to be still and accept in love whatever comes to you. Witness the passion in yourself and in everyone else and how each and everyone reaches out for love

Spark – Flame – Fire

In the middle of an ancient forest in Lithuania at the border of a lake lies the beautiful wooden house where women met four days for Being an Authentic Woman.
All arrived with a lively spark of being themselves with all the opportunities womanhood holds. Together we transformed this spark into a flame out of which a woman’s womb can shape and place every aspect of creation into the world.

Thanks women for giving me the honour of witnessing. With pleasure I will return!

Now it’s up to these Lithuanian ladies to further meet, to ignite a fire out of their flames and evolve together!

Eric’s response to the one day seminar Relating in body, soul and spirit in Vilnius: “I am on track again, I know what I need to focus on!”
Invite me where ever and enjoy these seminars!

Seminars in Lithuania

In the start of May I was invited to give seminars in Lithuania. Lithuania, so much space, where 3 million people are living in a country as big as Belgium and the Netherlands together. A land where lakes reflect the white birches. A country full of forests, even primeval forests with lots of animals. I met charming people in this elegant country. Lithuania is clean and beautiful. Back in Holland I was welcomed by a fresh breeze filled with the smell of tulips. Coming home is always lovely.

– Anasuya Koopmans

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