Solfeggio frequencies

Recently I learnt about the Solfeggio frequencies. After a first meditation of just listening to the tones I felt very touched. I decided to do this sound meditation every day for the coming six weeks in that way total gaining total benefit of it.  Now, after two weeks, I definitely feel a difference. Physically I am more powerful, courageous and full of energy: for instance finally starting this newsletter and taking social media by the hand. I feel happy and attentive. I am spiritually more connected and balanced. Above all I am bubbling with ideas. So yes, I am deeply impressed and like to share this information with you!

When you are interested in some history read:

Soma Energetics

When you like to experience the meditation I follow these six weeks:

Walking with the Gods

Years ago friends prodded me to start writing an autobiographic book. It never felt that way at the time and there was no inspiration. Until the start of last year. In a surprising way a writing coach came across and synchronicities started to play.  I don’t believe in coincidences and gradually in 2014 to my own surprise I was writing all day long in a passionate way. All kind of memories  passed in review in detail. Surprisingly how memory stores everything and how it awakens when you give space to it. My entire life seen from a current perspective became an enormous valuable present. Last March I finished the book.

Normally I prefer reading an (auto) biographic. When someone has experienced something and describes this, it inspires me. It seems like if was part of the story myself. In this way I know that something offers  possibilities which I can realize myself.  Even if I did not experience this in a physical way. Walking with the Gods is an autobiographic novel with an appendix. Herein the reader has the possibility to answer questions concerning own experiences. Motto: only when you have picked all the fruits offered by a specific experience, however challenging this may be, the next step in your life is able to show itself. I grant everybody the most pleasant and effective way of personal development and I gladfully give my baton to you and to everyone again you grant this. Why? Because our world is waiting for heartfelt courageous human beings with a fresh perspective that goes further than the well-known, waiting for human beings who want more than just express their longings, waiting for human beings who are dedicated to actually live their longings.
Walking with the Gods has become an intimate book with beautiful watercolour paintings. All my experiences, sometimes very personal, are written with a sense of beauty and respect for the life that I lived that very moment and remembered during writing this book. It is also about feelings which sometimes are difficult to describe . Furthermore I added poems that I wrote during those days.

Joanne Rowling peddled for a year with her Harry Potter manuscript before finding a publisher… Maybe some publishers pull their hair out nowadays since her books became regular bestsellers! I have decided to follow her example to not give up and just keep going finding my publisher. I made a list of the most appropriate publisher who is best known in this field. And after a week he send me a mail he was willing and enthusiastic to publish my manuscript. For one week I lived in heaven! Already in June the book is for sale. In September the official part of the publication takes place. Ofcourse you will  be informed!

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