The magical Bridge

White Tantra guided meditation

 mystieke brug




Investment 2 hours

Leader Anasuya Koopmans

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The magical Bridge
Wake up: you already know your future. Let go of your web of searching!

The next step of humanity is living, thinking, feeling and experiencing with the heart at center: the fourth dimension of consciousness. The magical bridge is a two hours meeting in which we talk a bit but above all we experience in a guided meditation the power of meaningful coincidence. Important in this meditation is the meeting with our magical inner child and what life in the fourth dimension of consciousness is all about.
Meaningful coincidence is always linked to the purpose of your life: your archaic urge to be happy and loving. Thus it brings you to your next step, your next dimension of consciousness. Literally your future is close at hand and we are going to experience this in a practical way. Your life’s next step will become perfectly clear.

The reaction of all participants was a big happy smile: “Nice that it works like this … that I simply know and also how to cross this bridge time and again for my next step!”