Power of Presence is all about the Art of Living and Gratefulness!

Our program offers interactive lectures, meditations, workshops and a summer week.

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About the content of our program and how it works

The essence is awareness, happiness and purity. The footsteps we take pass through the heart and mind to become physical in a natural way . Anasuya has over 30 years of experience in guiding and supporting men and women in how to find their healing, strengthening and binding qualities and live these.

“Everything in the universe is energy. Matter is simply a low vibration (frequency) of energy. The higher the frequency, the more airy or subtle the matter and thus less tangible for us people. We are part of the universe and therefore we are a form of energy. In all this our emotions and feelings are a part of what drives us and how we express ourselves. In our Power of Presence this energy is converted via the heart and mind for experiencing, becoming aware and deepening personal happiness and love, for strengthening universal love, light and peace.

In fact, we approach the inner god and goddess and the magical child, who represent a pure heart connection, trust and innocence. Out of the power of these qualities, we focus on our NOW entirely. Power of Presence is the path of the NOW in which we come to an understanding how to choose our own energy and manage our life. I’m not talking about suppressing true emotions or hiding them by making a happy face. That is controlling ourselves and it only leads to more frustration. I am talking about mastering our flexibility and inner strength, about the positive attitude that we need in order to make good choices. Gradually, we will discover that the world serves us because we have a choice in the attitude and emotion in which we meet the other and every situation. We are proactive rather than reactive in what we feel, we are free. In short, we master our life and create our reality.

We embrace all this in both a primordial and modern way during interactive experiential lectures, workshops and the summer week, all full of spirited realism. Depending on the type of workshop or lecture, we use active-, guided and silent meditation. Every sense will be approached, amongst others by music, sound, movement and touching. Our breathing, the power of nature, the quality of togetherness and growing awareness via explanation and knowledge, have a lot to offer. Finally, there is room for personal coaching where needed or requested. Each person goes home with a personal mission that is born out of her- or himself.”

In warmth, Anasuya

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Personal development

Being an Authentic Woman

A woman has the possibility to live her feminine and masculine potentials, to connect her earthly sensuality with power and beauty.

The Power of Being a Woman

A 4-day workshop in which women will connect their genuine femininity.


Interactive lectures, meditations and short workshops

Allow the Magic of Existence into your daily Life

We will address and awaken our personal magic so it becomes more visible and gives us a grip. In this meeting we will actually do something in our field of creation.


Male and Female bridged

How to transform yourself into the fourth and fifth dimension?
Above all, we are going to take the step!


The magical Bridge

Wake up: you already know your future. Let go of your web of searching!


Gain Clarity and deep Peace

Sever dysfunctional connections and strengthen what impels you and is meant for you.


Relating in Body, Soul and Spirit

Relating in body, soul and spirit – One day intense seminar full of insights and experiences for living heartfelt happiness.

Dreamtime Concert

Archetypes and angels emerge from the nebula of your ego-consciousness into the flow of being.



Travelling with your Gods and Goddesses

There is no theme other than YOU and the other who choose to be here. Anasuya will offer all her resources in whatever way inspired. It will be a real-life meditation, one that brings you deepening and vitality of the person you are.


Tantra week for couples

The Power of Love

This 7-day retreat invites partners who are in a steady relationship to deepen the art of loving.



Feedback from participants


“Anasuya runs the workshop with full respect for who you are and what values you represent. This way you feel free with every step you take during the workshop. She supports you on your path towards a deeper level of consciousness by uncovering your personal power of presence: “Living in our power of presence is the only way and place to reveal our personal qualities and our love.” Anasuya’s presence is less like a teacher, she is more like a coach and guide.”

“Anasuya is honest and cautiously, her guidance is founded and professional.”

“In her guidance the relationship with myself and with my partner improved and deepened naturally with actual results at home and in our professional pursuits.”

“She adds lightness and humor where it concerns serious business. And you taste that she herself lives what she offers.”

“Like no one else, she knows how to open you to the mystery of life with her approach.”