Love and joy are intermingled

Love and joy are intermingled

Be more in joy and take yourself less seriously is the essence

Joy is equal to love. If we know one thing from our earliest childhood, it is to play! At the end of the road it is such a pity when you have to say: “I loved to had more fun’. When was the last time you painted the sky magenta or outrageous purple? When did you look into the sky and saw all kinds of animals and more in the clouds. Play …. When was the last time you simply relaxed, sat together and was hilarious about an experience. Not a tragedy of course, but something really funny and goofy. Just look at the kids. When were you just a kid again? Playing with a hula-hoop or whatever and just be joyful? When one started giggling and laughing and you just took part? You as a parent or a leader, your responsibility is at the same time a grand adventure and children like to go on adventure! Put a  blanket on your head and travel somewhere… just create your adventure as children do. Don’t try, do! Yes it is not always easy but could easily be easier. Life is not about getting rid of the debris, life is meant to play and dream big! Is there a room in your heart or mind to start playing?

Laughter is absolutely necessary! There is the knowing and perfecting of your personal plan and duties and the knowing of playing, being together and make joy. Every day take some time to ignite your joy: maybe through music, painting, fantasizing about elementals or fairies, dolphins or clouds. Signs you unexpectedly see are mostly your creation, you who love to play. We are in the last bits of the old days… This moment is important that you realize what is happening. You may call it a political drama, but actually it is a political comedy that you take too seriously. Systems collapse and people suffer and are in pain. See this in the perspective that it is the end of dark days. Don’t prolong these days by being too serious. Don’t let it drag you down for exactly this is the way you prolong it. Again, do every day something that is outrageous joyful. It can be quiet or very loud. This is as important as being together as a family, as doing your job at your best, as being a real good parent, as drinking a glass of wine and relaxing.

When you see someone very sick, go and cheer up, don’t tell all the bad stuff of life. Just make them smile by telling something of your latest adventures. Think of all the people who live in their dark night or people who have completely forgotten about happiness. Sure you give them compassion and next they really need to break out of their pain! Help them see and feel the light at the end of their tunnel. Maybe they are not ready to laugh, but they can smile and uplift themselves. Give joy by playing with them in a subtle way so they can break through. This changes their entire outlook as well as their chemistry. Just change the energy of the drama into a subtle way using your capacity of imagination and playing. It will become real because of the joyful effect and the ugly part of the drama is history.

Part of your life-mission and purpose is to play with whatever comes to you! For instance simply enjoy with what you are doing and make jokes around it. Start imagining, have fun and find out how your world is getting bigger and bigger and better and better. Look in the mirror and see who and how you are when you are delighted. Live life as a big party from today on and so enlighten your world and the world. Can this be your project? For yourself, for the ones you love, for your colleges and those you don’t know?

One day not laughed is one day not lived!