The road to a happy and successful life greatly depends on your personal development. Participants state that following a Power of Presence brain training, they experience effective and lasting change, both in their personal and professional life.

Hylke Kerssemakers

The brain training was a process of growth. Read more..

Willy van der Hoeven

A Power of Presence brain training is a gift that everyone deserves! Read more..

Margot Freriks

Brain training has given me the opportunity to fully grow in my personal leadership. Read more..

Martin Goedknecht

I felt that all unprocessed experiences in my life were cleared. Read more..

Jacqui van Kemenade

I’m no longer tired all the time and I feel more. I see myself better and I like myself again! Read more..

Cefas Bouman

Under the guidance of Anasuya I then underwent intensive brain training and coaching. Read more..

Klaartje Vermeeren

A brain training is like a mirror. You get instant feedback. Read more..

Roeland Schweitzer

It works. I decided to participate in a brain training. Read more..

Richard Spindler

Through the Power of Presence brain training Build I developed my intuitive abilities and absorbed higher consciousness.