Living sisterhood

Worldwide women feel more and more the desire to support each other rather than compete and fight. A circle of women supporting and inspiring each other in becoming sisters. Living sisterhood is a precondition for shaping the inner goddess, for disclosing to the power and possibilities of a heart connected womb.

  • Most important: Gather a circle of women around you in which you are able to support and inspire each other. Cherish your moments of oneness
  • Slow down, let go of beliefs and become empty-minded. Observe from all your senses to receive the messages of the NOW. Smile, decide what is good and what is not good for you and act upon this. Make your heart sing!
  • Each day plan a moment, if possible in nature, to be still and accept in love whatever comes to you. Witness the passion in yourself and in everyone else and how each and everyone reaches out for love