Which smile touches you more? Gives you a positive feeling? Relaxes you? Why?
A heartfelt smile is an instant ‘feel good’ because it opens your heart. Such a smile will give you the choice to get involved and/or to observe and therefor always remain relaxed and positive! For many the Mona Lisa is so attractive because of her loving smile.
A social smile, just mouth corners up, is bogus for the heart and many experience this right away. In a real smile your eyes are involved. This affects the brainstem (the oldest part of your brain), and opens your heart immediately! Do you know that children smile 400 times a day, happy people around 40-50 times and most adults no more than 20 times a day? And now the best of this story: you can learn this smiling!
Think of something or someone who has made you happy and put your smile ‘up’. Feel and look into the mirror to your mouth and especially your eyes! Do this a lot of times and find out how much happier you will become!


May your smile bless you and your relations !